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1) Is your character a virgin? If not, how did they lose their virginity?


Zanou'a is the furthest thing from a virgin AHAAHAHA HE IS MASTER SKANK, LORD OF THE SLUTS. Despite this and how much he routinely loves fucking all the time, his first time wasn't exactly the happiest. See, Zanou'a was a penniless urchin on the streets in his teens, hungry, scared, alone. And while stealing food worked for so long, there were times when a starving street rat needed money. As fortunate as it were that there were wealthy (and questionable) merchants who were willing to part with some coin for some sexual favors, it's just as unfortunate for a kid barely through puberty for these same men to take advantage of his naivety.

So, while Zanou'a absolutely did consent to the deal, he wasn't ready for it by any means: mentally, emotionally, and physically. It left him degraded and disgusted. An old, worn out feeling by then, due to his staggering mistreatment. If anything, it was a terrible experience that did little to thwart him from this new and bountiful way to support himself. A relatively small price to pay in order to survive the harshness of Ul'dah's streets.

2) If applicable, what age did they have their first sexual experience?

Zanou'a was around 14 or 15 when he first did the do.

2) What's your character's type, physically? Multiple answers are acceptable.

Zanou'a is actually pretty okay with all features, so long as there's a dick attached to those features. However, his favorite are overtly masculine men, bara as fuck, if you will. He likes big muscles, and even bigger men (with big dicks) so that his tiny femme ass can dom them to hell and back.

3) What turns your character on?

The list is too long, so let's just say: men, submissiveness (towards him), big dicks, money.

4) What turns your character off?

Women, neediness, dominance (towards him), uselessness.

5) In general, what are your characters thoughts on sex?

Zanou'a absolutely loves sex, he stuffs his life with it (as well as his ass if u get me), and has it at the very least twice a day. It's an addiction to him, as well as a means to cope with a lot of baggage he refuses to recognize for what it is. To Zanou'a: sex is paramount.

6) Do they have any particular kinks? Whether they're aware of it or not.

Zanou'a is into D/s, bondage play, flogging, blind folding, gagging, light CBT (giving), the list honestly goes on... Like, so long as it's not like fluids that belongs in a toilet, or fisting (he's tried it, it's eh), then he pretty much is open to it and likes it.

7) What role do they like to play in bed? Are they more dominant? Submissive? Do they prefer to penetrate, or to be penetrated? etc

Zanou'a is 100% dominant and he prefers to be penetrated. For Miqo'te, women are dominant, and therefore the roles of sex are a little different in that penetrating isn't a dominant act. So, Zanou'a likes to take control and take that D.

8) How are they with experimentation? Do they prefer to stay in their comfort zones?

Zanou'a will try anything once unless it's absolutely disgusting, like scat or whatever, he doesn't need to try it to know it's a bad idea. But he's pretty damn open.

9) Is your character monogamous?


10) Does your character masturbate? If so, how often?

He doesn't have to often, since he fucks around a lot. But if he's busy in the office, or doesn't have time to seek a partner that's not in the FC, he jerks it.

11) If applicable, what's their usual method for masturbation? Do they have a routine?

Zanou'a actually doesn't have a routine, most of his jerking it is just to fill in the gaps of his sex life, which are few and far between. So, he's actually really relaxed and boring with his masturbatory habits, it's more like scratching his back, than anything else at this point.

12) How long does it normally take them to achieve orgasm? Does it take more or less time by themselves versus with a partner?

It takes a while for Zanou'a to get off, but that's also because he tends to neglect his dick a lot during sex. There's of course satisfaction to be had from being fucked, but he tends to drag it out as much as possible. He's trained himself to have stamina. He likes the interaction of sex almost more than the resulting orgasm. It's therapeutic to him, the attention, the motions, it's all an intricate dance that he doesn't want to end too suddenly.

Because once it's done, it's done.

However, when he faps by himself it takes less time, mainly because all the stimulation is where it "needs" to be, and the desired result is to orgasm. Or pass time, but he gets bored fapping pretty easily.

13) What does your character tend to fantasize about when solo?

Dominating men, making them squirm under him, and riding fat cocks.

Though, certain circumstances have made him fantasize about degrading and abusing women sexually (not like non-con, he's not into that), like a D/s relationship with certain women who can inspire that in him. This is super rare. Like think of the rarest occurrence of anything, and it's more rare than that shit. GIGARARE.

14) Does your character have an active sex life?


15) Thoughts on reproduction? Does your character want children?


Though in all seriousness, Zanou'a wouldn't be utterly against having a kid. The idea intrigues him in a detached sort of way. It's simply he realizes he's incapable of it. Not only because he wouldn't be able to fuck a woman anyway, but he holds no environment or disposition for raising children.

He wouldn't want a kid to grow up as fucked up as he is, so it's a thought he's discarded a long time ago.

16) What sort of environment does your character like for sexual intimacy?


17) Say your character is sexually engaging with someone. Things are going well, but then
something sours the mood. What potential thing could that be, for your character (from their
partner themselves, or outside influence, emotions, etc) Multiple answers are acceptable.

If the person gets too affectionate, like in a legit romantic way. Deeper emotions with sex disgust Zanou'a and he would ollie the fuck on out of that. Nothing ruins the mood faster for him.

18) Is your character more partial to oral sex over penetrative? If so, in what manner (receiving/giving)?

He likes sucking dick and getting penetrated a lot. He absolutely loves being in control of his partner's pleasure, it gives him a bigger rush of euphoria than his own dick being touched does. Whichever he prefers depends on what his partner is more receptive to, honestly. They're about equal.

19) In general, what's your character's sex life like?

Adventurous, plentiful, and probably weird.

20) Any erogenous zones?

His ears, his nipples, his inner thighs especially, and his ass. He loves his ass being touched, it really gets him going.

21) How big is your character's dick? Conversely, how big of a dick can your character take? / How large are your character's breasts?


But no his dick is about 4 inches flaccid, 6 or so hard. A bit bigger than average, but nothing to write home about.

22) Any below-the-belt landscaping?

He is smooth as a baby's butt down there. He's very particular about body hair, actually, and likes to keep everything spotless.

23) If your character is sexually attracted to women: do they have a preference on breast size from their partners? Are they more of a butt person, or a boob person?

Z DON'T LIKE NO WOMEN. Though, when he has those weird little spontaneous urges towards them, he does like smaller breasts than bigger ones.

24) If your character is sexually attracted to men: do they have a preference on dick size from their partners?

BIGGER THE BETTER. Unless it's gonna like... tear him apart, but he likes a good challenge.

27) Would your character ever fake an orgasm?

Nope. He is fine with letting people know they didn't get him off.

28) Who among the people they know are considered the most attractive?

Ezekiel fits his fave list pretty well, but Ikar is there too tho less for physical reasons.

29) How hard is it to get your character into bed?

Despite how much Z fucks random people, and it seems really easy to get him into bed, it's actually not quite. If people snub him, even without realizing it, Zanou'a will not take them to bed. If someone insults him in the wrong way, he won't take them to bed. This insulting could literally be them thinking they'll be dominant, that he might be frail or weak because of his appearance, or them treating him like some prostitute/dancer. He did his time, thank you very much, he has no intention of returning to that.

30) Would your character ever commit any sexual acts in public? If so, which kinds?

Yep. All sorts of kinds really. He will do the full blown frickle and even the frack. Suck someone off, finger their ass, etc etc. He doesn't care.

31) Has your character ever fantasized about someone else while having sex? (Awkward!)

Ikar, and often.

32) Would your character ever participate in a threesome or orgy?

Yep, has and always will be open to it.

33) Which sex acts are a definite no?

Anything that has to do with scat, or vomiting, or whatever. He just isn't a fan of bodily fluids that aren't jizz.

34) Do they find some races more attractive than others? If so, which ones? Among them, which is the very most attractive?

Zanou'a really likes Roe men because they're HUGE in size, body and otherwise. He really likes their broad, masculine faces too, something about that bara gets him going. He will also like the Au Ra because big, exotic, and yeah. BUT THEY AREN'T RELEASED YET. He also digs highlanders, they are like roe-lite.

35) Does your character perceive themselves as a good lover? Does the reality of their performance match their mental perception?

Zanou'a is great in bed. He knows this, and is quite proud of it. He has an astounding need for control, so he's refined his bedroom skills as much as possible so that his partner is too busy being pleased to really try to be dominant.

He finds sex a hobby as much as a means to cope, and he feels he can't afford to be bad, especially with as much practice as he's had at it. He's learned at a young age how to please his partner, and as such he's only honed the skill thusly. For as surprising as it may seem, Zanou'a is actually a hugely dedicated partner, mainly because he gets more outta getting people off than himself.
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